September 11, 2011

late summer

Late summer's bounty is bombarding the Greene Treats kitchen. Mid summer's plums, peaches, nectarines, and berries are plentiful... but the apple and pear trees around town are drooping with sun drenched fruits too! Everything is so sweet, juicy, and luscious. I have a bounty of ingredients to explore and to offer you! Do not hesitate to order your customized desserts today!

rustic apple tart made with heirloom golden apples

golden brown cinnamon-y yum!
In just a few golden-amber weeks of strong sunshine we will wave farewell to berries and plums and welcome pumpkins and sweet squashes into the kitchen. Stay tuned for the latest creations from the Greene Treats kitchen! Be sure to keep active and soak up all the warmth you can... it won't last forever! Once you've worked up an appetite, give me a call for some fresh baked and handcrafted sweets!


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