Inside Charlotte's Cookery it's all about the ingredients. In addition to being a baker, I am a botanist, a gardener and a wild crafter. In my kitchen I orchestrate the finest ingredients available to me. Luckily I live in a conscious region of the world where organic and natural foods are demanded. GMO's and Monsanto are absolutely outlawed in these parts! 

-Wild crafted fruits, berries and herbs
-Homegrown vegetables
-Local, free-range, organic chicken and duck eggs
-Local Rainbow Honey
-Fair trade certified and unrefined sugars from Wholesome Sweeteners
-Organic flours from Fair Haven Organic Flour Mills
-Farmstead cultured butter and Meyenberg cultured butter
-Organic chocolate from E. Guittard
-Organic spices
-Madagascar vanilla beans
-Sodium bicarbonate as a leavener

I can create gluten free products upon request. On occasion I add gluten free flours to my gluten based desserts as I love the texture and low fat content of Lundberg's organic brown rice flour, the hearty flavor of barley flour, and flavorful ground nut flours (coconut, almond, etc). Ultimately, my baked goods rely on the gluten bonds that form when wheat is moistened.