Earthly Spiced Treats

Autumn is officially upon us. Satisfy your craving for earthly spiced sweet treats with any number of my creations listed below. Made with the proprietor's blend of world class, sustainably produced spices they are sure to warm you with their heady, intoxicating aroma and of course remarkable flavor. If you are gluten intolerant, I will happily swap out the wheat flour for brown rice flour.

Order anything your heart desires from the list below and e-mail me orders and questions at 
*Indicates organic ingredients 

Caramel Pear Pie with Cranberries: $24.00
Sweet and delicate pear slices are tossed with handcrafted spiced caramel sauce and baked until browned and gooey in an irresistible cookie crust. Garnished with tart, whole cranberries organically grown in Oregon. 
Ingredients: pears*, raw brown sugar*, unbleached wheat flour*, unrefined cane sugar*, butter* (cream, salt), pure vanilla*, spices*, whole cranberries*

Maple Pecan Pie: $24.00
The classic nutty caramel indulgence enhanced by all natural maple extract. Organic and American grown pecan halves spiced and caramelized atop a buttery, earthly spiced shortcrust. Pecans are protein rich and high in omega-6 fatty acids. 
Ingredients: pecans*, unbleached wheat flour*, whole wheat flour*, raw brown sugar*, butter*(cream, salt), egg*, maple extract*, spices*

Apple Crumble Pie: $24.00
Crisp, sweet-sharp apples grown on the Olympic Peninsula are nestled between a spiced shortcrust and a intoxicating crumb topping. This will tickle your taste buds for sure.
Ingredients: apples*, unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour*, butter*(cream, salt), raw brown sugar*, spices*

Pumpkin Pie: $24.00
I take a whole pumpkin and roast it to perfection when it is ready to be pureed into an impossibly smooth cream. This is then combined with spices, vanilla, sugar, browned butter and eggs to meld on top of a spiced, buttery shortcrust. More brown sugar crumb topping is added to protect the smooth and glossy filling.
Ingredients: pumpkin puree*, butter*(cream, salt), whole wheat flour*, raw brown sugar*, egg*, pure vanilla*, spices*

Pumpkin Pie au chocolat: $26.00
Exactly the same magical formula for the pumpkin pie bar, but a layer of fair trade bittersweet chocolate lies beneath the pumpkin layer.
Ingredients: pumpkin puree*, butter*(cream, salt), whole wheat flour*, raw brown sugar*, egg*, bittersweet chocolate*, pure vanilla*, spices*

Espresso Candied Pecan Pie: $24.00
An original composition of sweet and crunchy pecans that have been candied in freshly ground espresso laced caramel all embraced in sweet and buttery shortcrust. Sounds like an odd combination, but trust me, toasty nuts and ultra roasted coffee beans are made for each other!
Ingredients: pecans*, raw brown sugar*, unbleached wheat flour*, unrefined cane sugar*, butter (cream, salt)*, spices*, pure vanilla*, fresh ground espresso*

Espresso Fudge Brownie: $14.00
I search high and low for the best chocolate source to create a deeply rich chocolate fudge brownie. It's the perfect thing to eat with a hot cup of coffee. I'll be updating this staple with various intense chocolates... but you can be sure that it will always be simple, classic, and delicious. Let me know in your order if you'd like to opt for walnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, or dried berries.
Ingredients: bittersweet chocolate*, butter*(cream, salt), egg*, unrefined cane sugar*, pure vanilla*, unbleached wheat flour* OR brown rice flour* (to make it gluten free!), fresh ground espresso*

Colette's Peanut Butter Cookies: (one dozen) $10.00 + s/h
Made for my best friend Colette who lives way across the landmass in Keene. Growing up together meant countless after school cookie munching sessions. Colette absolutely despises chocolate chips but melts at the mere mention of peanut butter cookies. Crispy, chewy, buttery, and a little bit salty, these are a classic complete with a fork tine criss-cross pattern.
Ingredients: peanut butter*, butter(cream, salt)*, unrefined cane sugar*, eggs*, unbleached wheat flour*, sea salt, baking soda.

Thick, chewy, chock full of chocolate cookies: (6/pkg) $10.00 +s/h
These are the ultimate chocolate chip cookies. Big, thick, mounds of chocolate chunks hunkered into a buttery, sweet vanilla cookie - never cakey. These are just what you'd expect from an artisan bakery. Pecans/walnuts are optional.
Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat flour, semi-sweet chocolate, organic butter, unrefined sugar, free range chicken eggs, vanilla, spices, sesame seeds, flax seeds, tree nuts (optional)