caramel pear petite

All original creations featured on this page were created from scratch with organic flours, unrefined sugars, organic farmstead cultured butter, local, free-range, organic eggs, organic spices, local wild crafted fruits, and organic chocolates. Please visit the Ingredients page for more information. Click on any photo to view in full detail.

Espresso candied pecan petite

creamy lemon bars; always in season

large maple pecan pie

caramel pear petite

wild berry jam pockets

signature Greene Treats, fudge brownie, pumpkin pie and wild berry crumble

pear-rhubarb walnut crumble bar

pumpkin spice biscotti

rhubarb crumble bar

apple crumble bar
maple pecan pie bar
banana bread

fall raspberry cornmeal cake

cranberry crumble buttermilk bar

blackberry chocolate chip tart

pumpkin spice cheesecake
pumpkin loaf with apple crumble topping
apple crumble bar

pear-apple crisp

blackberry fudge brownie bar

blackberry buttermilk bar
dense and fudgy brownie

cranberry oatmeal cookies

blackberry pumpkin bread

shiro plum and vanilla crumble

appleberry crumble

fruit galettes
chewy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

plum butter jamwich cookies
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate stuffed shortbread

coconut and chocolate chip cookies
cinnamon chip oatmeal cookies
sesame coins
raspberry glazed apple cinnamon cake
 sourdough pizza with homegrown vegetables. I love to make pizza!
all butter crackers
apple crisp in ice cream
chocolate, pecans and pretzel cookies