September 7, 2011

What are Greene Treats?

Greene Treats:
-supportive of local farmers and producers
-honor the natural world by handcrafting the divine combinations of nature's purest ingredients
-produce little waste
-custom creations
Welcome, my name is Charlotte Greene and I live on the gorgeous Olympic peninsula in Washington state. Sometimes I feel like this is the last luscious and wild piece of America. The evergreen jungles, refreshing pacific breezes, and nourishing sun all inspire my mission to create luscious, classic, sustainable, and nutritious desserts.
featured: Wild Berry Crumble. Ingredients: Whole wheat flour*, raw sugar*, butter*, egg*, wild blackberries*, honey*
 When you mop up the last crumb of sweet and tart Wild Berry Crumble I want your brain, body, and spirit to ring in harmony of peaceful satiation.
Greene Treats are baked with only the finest, natural, locally sourced ingredients such as wild berries, organic grains, organic farmstead butter, free range and cage free eggs, fair trade and organic chocolate, and organic unrefined sugars.
I am an advocate for conscious consumption. I handcraft desserts with the purest and most wholesome ingredients because I care about what you put in your body. I want to satisfy your desire for something sweet and I want you to indulge your senses with something honestly great.

Thank you for visiting the blog for Greene Treats. A website will be underway in the future.
*organic, local, sustainable ingredients

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