November 1, 2011

port townsend traditions.

Before we leave for a weekend trip to Moscow, Idaho, I want to share with you a simple batch of crackers that I shared with fellow farmers, handcrafters, and foragers at Midori Farm's Fermented Goods and Pickle Barter Potluck/Kim-Chi burial. I wanted to provide a tasty baked treat that guests could nibble on in accompaniment of the beautiful assortment of homemade soups and salads comprised of homegrown beets, pork, turnip greens, kale, cabbage, onions, carrots, goat cheese and more. It was a terrific event.
Chipotle-Pumpkin-Sage Wheat Crackers.
 The event will be commemorated at the end of February when each member returns to the farm with a mason jar to collect a portion of the kim-chi that we all helped to prepare, mix, and bury in the ground. I hope that we can make the kim chi burial a Port Townsend tradition!

Cheers and happy wishes for the fall, Charlotte

tree down in Connecticut after this year's early snow storm.
 p.s Bless Connecticut and the rest of the East Coast that is suffering from the unexpected Halloween snow storm. My mother has been without power for 4 days now and she is embracing her inner frontiers-woman by melting snow for wash water and cooking all her meals on her wood stove.

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  1. Update: Mom has been without power for ELEVEN days.