October 25, 2011

solar energy

early this morning

Sunny skies illuminate shining faces here in the Pacific Northwest. Each light filled day seems to be our last as October winds towards Halloween. Spooky mushrooms, blood red rosehips and rotting apples clue us in on the long, gray months ahead. For now, let's play outside til our noses are nipped by both sun and winds, working up an appetite for sweetly spiced handcrafted treats. A Greene Treat is the perfect companion to a steamy cup of espresso or tea. But hey, don't just take my word for it, try it out for yourself!!
rhubarb crumble bar
apple crumble
maple pecan pie bar
Please click any photo to view it in full detail.

Wishing everyone vigorous health and solar energy!! Nothing gets me moving like the powerful rays of sun backlit by a crystal-clear blue sky!

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