September 22, 2011

gluten free? not for me

Today my neighbor, the smoked paprika guy, asked if my new baking business would be specializing in gluten free treats. Definitely not! I said, gluten is the fundamental protein for my creations! Wheat flour is delicious and has been digested by human beings forever. Does "the staff of life" sound familiar?
I can understand that people want to detox their system by restricting their gluten intake for a period of time, but to try to reinvent the chocolate chip cookie? shortbread? brownies? pizza dough? bread? sans gluten? That is not my goal. Please feel free to share your thoughts on gluten-free baked goods.
I know it's a wide wild and exciting world of flours derived from other grains, nuts, and plants. It's totally fascinating. I love to incorporate them into my gluten based goods on occasion. But a lot of those gluten free recipes are longer than a grocery list, whereas I strive to create simple, pure and wholesome goods.  

flour + butter + sugar + love

Long live organically grown, local, whole grains!

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